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The Glass Slipper (1998)

The Glass Slipper (1998)

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About book The Glass Slipper (1998)

Eberthart's GOOD. She relies on what she knows, which is nursing and the little details of nursing that might or might not provide the clue to solving a medical murder. . .details a little common sense on the part of the reader could probably provide, too.This one's a little cheap-romancey in that the jacket blurb claims, "She's married to the man she's always loved," when, in fact, the reader gets almost no information on why this man who doesn't love the protagonist married her and none at all about why she married this man when she doesn't actually love him. Well, obviously, because Eberhart wants her to fall in love with him.But I'm willing to forgive Eberhart the predictable romantic angle because of that common sense aspect the reader should be able to provide but conveniently doesn't. So when, halfway through, the other nurse involved says mysteriously, "I know who did it. And you do, too," she does turn out to be right, and the reader gets suckered along with everyone else.Touche, Mignon. And I really like your name.

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