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The Ghost Of Blackwood Hall (1948)

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall (1948)

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About book The Ghost Of Blackwood Hall (1948)

I just finished this book as part of an invitation to attend a Nancy Drew themed birthday celebration for a friend of mine. What a fantastic idea! My friend delivered beautiful invitations to each of us, accompanied by a Nancy Drew novel (from her own personal collection!). We are getting together to celebrate her birthday and discuss Nancy Drew's place in literary history. Since it has been "quite a few years" (ie. 40!) since this group of women have all read their last Nancy Drew novels, this process has been quite the trip down memory lane!I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this book! I actually found it to be quite a page turner and pretty suspenseful! I loved the New Orleans setting and all of the "spooky" séance/supernatural themes in this book. Also, I appreciate Nancy Drew's independence and her abilities to think for herself...a very refreshing departure from many books written in this era.A fun little switch-up from the books on my reading list. A reminder to encourage young people to pick up a Nancy Drew Novel and give it a read...classics never lose their appeal!

Incidentally, this is my favorite Nancy Drew mystery out of all of the original yellowbacks. They've made it into one of the HERInteractive games this year, with a twist, calling it the Ghost of Thorton hall. Enjoy the read. :P

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Nancy is at home one day petting her dog, Togo, when a jeweler friend of hers pulls up and asks for Nancy’s help with a mystery. A client of his has had precious jewels stolen from her, but refuses to tell the details to anyone. However, since she was warned not to tell any man or woman, Mrs. Putney was convinced by the jeweler that it’s okay to talk to a girl detective. You see, Mrs. Putney was convinced by the ghost of her dead husband to take her jewels and bury them in a clearing in the forest. Surprisingly (not), they were stolen and replaced with look-alikes. Now she wants Nancy’s help to find the missing jewels. Oh, and that ghost? He appears to her at seances. To top it off, Mrs. Putney is not the only victim of these wily thieves. They have managed to convince a number of others, mostly young girls, to leave most of their salaries in the branches of trees or face “bad luck”. Bess introduces Nancy to the second victim they come across, who just happens to be the daughter of the woman who does laundry for her family.

Though this was a thrilling read, I dont know what to say about this book.A lot of things are happening at the same time, just like they happen in real life. But UNLIKE real life, whatever is happening, no matter how disconnected it seems, Nancy is made to believe (by the author) that all those incidents are related. Luckily for Nancy, all those incidences really turn out to be related to the same case that she's working on.Also, I must hand it to the bad guys of this book - they're a gang of only 4 or 5, but they're successful not only in swindling people in "multiple" cities/towns, but also in keeping tabs on who their victims are contacting for help, AND also harming those who try to help!! I wonder how they manage their time and resources in their dark activities!
—Rupali Rotti

Damn, how many rich widows *are* there in River Heights?A mysterious woman uses many aliases, one of them being Mrs. Floyd Pepper! Oh, and she follows the girls on a trip to New Orleans. Bess is even more of a basket case than usual. And Nancy has a dog named Togo, but I'm pretty sure he hasn't appeared before.A phony stock scheme, hypnosis and stolen jewelry. Nancy is knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant, and drugged into unconsciousness with a "deadly sleeping potion". Gets kidnapped and also gets mired in quicksand along with Ned.Apparently you can cure hypnosis with a bottle of phosphorous and oil.

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