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The Ghost Bride (2013)

The Ghost Bride (2013)

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0062227327 (ISBN13: 9780062227324)
William Morrow

About book The Ghost Bride (2013)

3,5 to be exactit's between i like it or i love be honest there's so much going on in this book. and the title didn't quiet enough to describe that. the story itself is happen in the past which i can't feel the atmosphere of it so, kinda sad that the world building is doesn't work as much as i want it. i love the idea of the marriage, but the execution is all over the placefor me. but still... I L(ik/ov)E it :Dif the author is concentrating on the story of the main character and the development character, I think it will be a better story.... the's....forget itsorry for the long-waiting-opinion and my english. :) The Ghost Bride was fantastic. Great story, great pacing, great characters, great romance, great lore.The settings and the lore in this book are simply stunning. Easy to understand, really interesting, and beautifully described. While reading the Ghost Bride, I felt like I was entering a whole new world. Even the tone of this book was so mystical. I was riveted by the descriptions. They were descriptive enough, without feeling like an info dump, and easy to imagine.The story was very interesting. I read this book without reading the whole summary, so I was pleasantly surprised at some things. I know some people felt it was slow at the beginning, but I think the reader needs the time to find their bearings in this world before moving onto another. The story was engaging, and you felt as hopeless as Li Lan.The characters . . . what was so good about this book is that while you may not like all the characters, you get a good feel for them all. Fan was annoying from the get-go. My feelings towards Lim Tian Bai fluctuated as Li Lan's did. From the way the characters interacted I knew the personality of Li Lan's father, Amah, Lim Tian Ching, his mother . . . Very well done. They're all well rounded and have diverse, realistic identities. I'm glad I liked Li Lan. She's the type of character it would be really easy to hate. She could have been very flat, but the narration is so good, you can still feel very connected to her. She acts like a normal person and you can't help but feel fond for her.The romance. The romance was very good. It had enough twists and turns to be interesting and realistic, but not so much that it got soap opera-ish. I like what happened. I really, really did. Especially since the romance tied in with Li Lan's story arc (quick note: her story arc wasn't the most dramatic thing, but it was there. It was done in a really believable way, and was extremely satisfying).Now, the things I didn't like was that there was a lot of telling instead of showing, but I only noticed it a couple times. I didn't like how the romance nearing the end was somewhat random, and I wish Li Lan's character growth was explored more, or at least shown clearly.Otherwise, The Ghost Bride was wonderful. I would recommend this book to most people. This is a book I'll reread again, just to see if it makes its way to my favorites list.

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I very much enjoyed this novel. The exploration of the spirit world was very interesting to me.


it was wonderful. could not put it down.

Love it!!!


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