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The Ghost And The Darkness Volume 1 (2014)

The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1 (2014)

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About book The Ghost And The Darkness Volume 1 (2014)

★★★☆☆ - 3.5 Stars “Don’t let them take you, I know I keep saying it… but you’re mine, no one else’s.”“I know, Killi Cat. I won’t.”“Promise?”“I don’t need to promise, it’s a fact.”“Okay, I love you.”“I love you too.”So after staying up all night to read this, it left me... speechless. I didn't know how to react probably because I was sleep-deprived. I was staring aimlessly and asked myself, "What the heck just happened?"Now with sufficient amount of sleep, I could finally reflect on things properly.(view spoiler)[The remnants of my annoyance for Elish and Jade were rekindled in this book. I got that they were vital characters of the story but that didn't mean that I had to like them though. I was getting tired of their drama and Jade's antics. Same old, same old. I knew that they were spouses already but it was also established that their relationship as cicaro and pet didn't change. Or so they said. I was confused myself because Jade thought otherwise and you would think that even after being with Elish for three years, he would finally know his place. Another character that vexed me was Kerres. Gdi, man, move the fuck on. This isn't Breaking Jade Part Two. Stop living in denial. A great part of this story was consumed because of Kerres's inability to accept the fact that his ex-boyfriend was no longer with him which led to holding Reno and some pets as hostage. For me, dragging that part with Reno being kidnapped was really unnecessary. Yes, it was important though. Reno being kidnapped (and Reaver killing Timothy) resulted to Caligula's alliance which helped saved Reaver's. There were also parts that baffled me. Like this part: If you read the book, you would know that Reno managed to obtain the keycard for Kreig without any difficulties. I was wondering why. Why was the security in that place not tight, considering how important confidential things were in that room. I got the part that I wanted when I decided to continue the series: Garrett and Reno's relationship. Though I was disappointed because I didn't see any glimpse of Quin and Jem. Garrett and Reno were really cute, with the latter being so hilarious most of the time.“This shit is all way too good for me, you could put a blanket on the patio for me and I’d be happy. I’m less maintenance than a goldfish.”“So tell me, what does a pet of Garrett Dekker do? Because if you don’t tell me I’m just going to start meowing randomly and scratching your furniture.”I love them as a couple because Reno could manage to keep up with Garrett.“You’ve dealt with it for ninety years, why the fuck are you so broken up? I didn’t even get a god damn sympathetic look from you, and here you are whining about how I am not happy, an entire day later? You know what would’ve made me happy? A hug, that would’ve been awful nice. It’s fucking Reaver all over again. You self-hating little shit heads just go do what makes you feel good, because it’s too painful for you to look at me. Selfish little fuck. Maybe this isn’t fucking about you.”Reaver was also cool in this book. When he went gonzo like he was the Devil Incarnate, I was really fascinated with what ran into his mind. Call me a freak or something. That part where he made Kessler feel really helpless was just so amazing.Your master told me I could only save one of my fathers, now Kessler… which son will you choose?While there were parts where he was cool, there was also a part where his fidelity was questionable.The blood ran down his chin, purple and shining under what moonlight the grey sky allowed us. And though I could never admit it, in that second the throbbing in my pants only amplified at how the cicaro looked right now. A slender thing with pale skin, brilliant yellow eyes and a face streaked with blood. I could see why Elish fucked him into madness every night; at this point if I was single I may have done the same.I could… if… I wanted to.Before my mind could tell me how wrong it was, I reached over and wiped the blood from his face before bringing it up to my lips and tasting it. My groin gave another throb, making me immediately retract and tear myself away from a very dangerous feeling. The "I am a chimera, we can't help it" excuse isn't enough for me this time, no.When Reaver got raped by Nero multiple times, I felt really sorry for him, then it got too much for me then I just became indifferent of it, I just didn't understand how to react at that time, being in Reaver's mind while he was raped. Maybe it was a heretofore unknown trigger for me.In that time I was lost to the world, the pain even dissipated as I went into full-body shock. Each blow he delivered to me, every face slam into the iron rungs, every hard thrust was nothing but pressure on me now. As time went on my senses left me, pain in the forefront. The only thing holding me up was my hair clenched firmly in his fist.The pace of the story, as usual. It was something that I have noticed in the past few books too. It starts out really slow to the point that it get really exhausting then things started to get hot on the last 15% then bam, ended with a cliffhanger. (hide spoiler)]

I thought this was fan fucking tactic, and not an easy thing to do either. The merging of the two previous books, with completely different characters that are both amazing stories, Fallocaust and Breaking Jade, that also are running simultaneously in time, then have them both come smashing together in The Ghost and the Darkness was just brilliant. I nearly didn't read Breaking Jade but I'm SO glad I did because it's all about the bigger picture of WHY Reaver and Killian are SO important and the scheming, manipulative plot that is awaiting them is partially revealed. You just have to read Breaking Jade and you'll actually end up loving Jade as he's like a mixture of Reaver and Killian, yet what happens to him is just fucking horrific. I loved both of those books almost equally, but the underlying horror of watching them smash together like they did in this book was extremely brilliant. Basically is you loved Fallocaust you have to read Breaking Jade because even if you're just a die hard Fallocaust fan, you might find this book still amazing but won't understand the intricacies going on behind it all. Part One of this book ends in another cliffhanger but thankfully it's only just over 2 weeks until Part Two is released. If you love M/M, Sci-Fi and Dystopian Hell On Earth, then this book is setting the scene for watching a plan that's unravelling at terminal velocity as the previous two books smash together, entwine and take off faster preparing you for part two of The Ghost and the Darkness, to be the mother of all clusterfucks. These books are VERY dark and gritty and and I'm no prude but there's some harsh stuff to deal with in all of them. They're extremely amazing yet horrifying at the same time. Thanks Quil, you have one amazing imagination.

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I NEED IT. I NEED IT NOWWWWWWWWW. CANNOT wait until Halloween. I CANNOT.Update: 11-3-2014: So I read it. And Jesus Christ, I am just as floored as I was after reading both Fallocaust and Breaking Jade. Like........................Holy shit.Okay, so I was expecting a certain situation to happen here...I had thought I was prepared mentally to experience it...I was wrong. :( It ruined me. I didn't know that would be the extent of it...It felt like years had gone by when this happened, page after page of grueling detail and considering it was my favorite character I really wanted to just through my iPad across the room as he went insane.I cried....Not surprising.One character, I wondered why his situation changed as it did. I liked it better when he was angry and antisocial and homesick, which we see a lot in this one, but whatever. I still love him.Chimeras, man...Chimeras.Chimeras, karma, homesickness, rape (of course), kidnapping, dumb mistakes, depression, fear, death and immortality. Those are the highlights of this one, I feel. I might cry just thinking about all of this again...Anyways, a must-read. Especially if you've read all the others. Grammar and writing was a bit sketchy at times but I was still able to look past it to enjoy the juice of the story. Favorite/most-hated quote: "I fuck kings."
—Jaimee Ghost

And it begins...Most characters get a POV in this instalment of the Fallocaust series. It works well as there are people spread out in different locations for a good part of the book and there are major story arcs going on. Without using these more personal perspectives it would have been stilted with (potentially) unsympathetic characters. Except Elish, who is already well known through Breaking Jade. I love Reno. Totally loyal, always honest, easy going, capable but self-deprecating. Funny, even if that's to mask deeper feelings of loneliness. A true best friend to Reaver and Killian, even if he likes to tease Killian, or Tinkerbell as he nicknames him -"You know, when Reaver first pointed you out, I really thought you were a bit of a weenie, but I think you're one of my favourite people now."I choked back a laugh, and squeezed him gently. "And I thought you were only his friend because you wanted to get into his pants.""That's cute you think differently."..."This shit is all way too good for me, you could put a blanket on the patio for me and I'd be happy. I'm less maintenance than a goldfish."But Reno is tested to his emotional limits because of events that involve the Crimstones, a Morosian terrorist group. Reno goes to hell and back and that is all I will say. Reaver is a loose cannon and just fantastic if you enjoy a dark and twisted alpha with an obsessive love for a blonde twink.All I care about is Killian, he is the only one who makes the warmth come to my veins, that makes my insides stir. Only him and no one else...He kills people without blinking an eye but watches over Killian like a precious jewel. This time around he is recovering from events at the end of the fallout at Aras. Processing who and what he is, and what that means. It's moments like these when I understood why they feared what I would become, no, what I had become. It's moments like these where I know I am the clone of the abomination who killed the planet. I am the Reaper. I choose who lives, I choose who dies.He also feels like he has the weight of this dystopian world on his shoulders which darkens his mood even more, and he literally does have so much to think about. But that doesn't stop him from doing what he does best, wreak some havoc. He is responsible for, and at the centre of, some bloody gut-twisting violence and scenes.Jade has a great deal of personal growth and I shudder when I think about what happens to him here. I am worried...Elish Dekker has many plans in place but some of them have created a blip on his radar. How big a blip is about to be discovered by him and will more than likely become personal and unpleasant for the ice man in volume 2.Perish is shady as fuck and interesting facets come to light, but not enough for total clarity. I love this series. It is refreshing, entertaining, nasty and deeply twisted. This book is the darkest in an already very dark series. Reader beware. If you read my longer review please read the tags and warnings first. Longer review at

This book series deserves 10 starsAwardsAccoladesMillions of reader reviewsQuil Carter builds a world that for some crazy reason you want to be a part of!You want to walk within the greywastes.You want to be with the Reaper (apparently I have the wrong parts for him tho...)If you asked me in the beginning of 2014 if I would fall in love with a series where people EAT people I would have laughed in your face. The jokes on me tho... cause this series is hands down one of the best series out there.I have grown to love and tolerate Jade and Elish way more through this volume. My Killian and My Reaver will always own my heart. And my Reno. Nero needs to die a thousand deaths. A THOUSAND QUIL. Kill him PLEASEPerish... I will reserve my judgement for you... check back with me in 9 days k. The world building is off the charts. ButThere is some tough subject matter. So reader beware. I can't wait for another 9 days to continue this journey!!!! 9 days... I'm shouting 9 days!!
—MareTara SLiTsReaD Reviews~Lover of all things MM

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