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The Fuller Memorandum (2010)

The Fuller Memorandum (2010)

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044101867X (ISBN13: 9780441018673)
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About book The Fuller Memorandum (2010)

I reread this book. The story contains examples of on-the-fly coding, warring product theology factions, the save-the-world technology, confusing and incomplete project managemant, and a horrible result. Charles Stross has beautifully described at least one of the projects that I have worked. The Fuller Memorandum is a both numerous, horrifying, and a must read ( but read the first two books in the series first). Computational demonologist Bob Howard is catching up on his filing in the Laundry archives when a top secret dossier known as the Fuller Memorandum vanishes-along with his boss, who is suspected of stealing the file. And while dealing with Russian agents, ancient demons, and a maniacal death cult, Bob must find the missing memorandum before the world ends up disappearing next.this book can be summed up as "Bob has an amazingly shit week" :)

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Pretty good. He manages to raise the stakes every time. Also you gotta love a hero who uses Emacs.

Very humorous and enjoyable as a Laundry novel should be!

This book is a great read!

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