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The Fragile Fall (2014)

The Fragile Fall (2014)

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Stars:3-3.5Ok... I have to start off by saying that I liked this book.. I felt the author did a good job... But, I just can't help but feel like something was missing...This is the authors first book. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised! I felt she did a good job with the topic she wrote about.It was a pretty heavy topic. I know a little about it.But, having read other books on this topic I thought she did a good job.The story starts off with the accident. You don't really know the full story until you read further into the book. But... Right from the start you feel Will's pain and all the turmoil that is going on in his head.We get introduced to his aunt and her neighbors Jax & Ryanne. Jax & Will are the same age 17. & Ryanne is two years older than them.I have to be honest here... I connected more to Will's story. Than I did to the whole "love" story line going on in this book.Will & Ryanne relationship/ friendship in the beginning was kind of weird to me.Ryanne was only 2 yrs older than Will. But, she acted much older. She flipped a lot on how she acted. It was hard for me to get into them as a couple. Because once I started to feel..their connection...She flipped a switch and acted like she was his mother. Giving advice & always bringing up his past.I don't know if the author intended that. But that's the way I took it.I wanted to feel that undying need & want. Not, the whole mother act. By the time they become a couple... I just felt it was to late. But... They had their sexy moments.Also too... I wasn't really feeling Jax at all. I found him to be kind of annoying.The way Jax acted about his sister & Will seemed weird to me too.Ryanne... "mother figure to her brother" had to get her brothers approval about seeing Will. Just didn't mix well in the story for me. It Seemed really out of place for her character in this book.And seriously... Who is Jax anyway to tell people who they can & can't talk to.Overall... This was an ok read. There were some grammar/consistency issues. I think a final sweep from an editor would have helped. Because they were really minor fixes that needed to be made in this book. I liked the flow of the book. And despite the heavy topic I thought the author did a really good job conveying what Will was going through. And how he dealt with it.-Michelle

When we first meet Will, he’s very timid and shy for a seventeen year old. He just recently moved in with his aunt, and he spends his days a recluse until the pretty girl next door and her brother invite him over. He connects with both of them immediately. Jax becomes the real friend he never had, and his older sister Ryanne starts to become everything Will never knew he wanted but feels he doesn’t deserve.We find out Will’s very sad story, growing up sheltered by his parents and losing them the one night he decides to be rebellious. The grief and guilt suffocates him each day, until finally he turns on himself. His new family and friends rally against him to fight back and be young man he wants to be but doesn’t think he can.Ryanne is Will’s first real love, and you feel their pull towards each other with every interaction. Each kiss they share leaves you breathless and wanting much more. Ryanne may be older, but she falls hard for Will. He’s never learned how to be anything but pure and honest when it comes to love, and shows Ryanne what it’s like to be adored. Jax and Ryanne have a great closeness that is rare in brothers and sisters. Ryanne had to become Jax’s parent along the way, leaving them both hurt and vulnerable for different reasons. Jax was a great character, caring, funny and playful with an alpha streak. I would love to see how he reacts when he falls in love.A Fragile Fall was a sweet story about true love, the power of friendship, and finding strength when you think you’re too broken. I look forward to more from Kristy Love!

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Will's life was changed in an instant, and he feels guilty. He goes to live with his Aunt Liv, not realizing that it is second chance at life because he's allowed grief and sadness takeover. That is, until he sees Ryanne, and from there his life is anything but sad. Ryanne heard from her neighbor, Liv, that her nephew was coming to live with her because of the tragedy he's experienced. One afternoon, she feels eyes on her and lo and behold, she sees Will and is stunned by how beautiful he is. Ry does her best to show hospitality to Will but at the same time she feels a pull towards him, and as she spends more time with him, she starts falling for him.At first this story was kind of slow, yet the more I read, the more it picked up pace and the next thing I knew, I was at the end! Will and Ry’s story is complicated, emotional, raw, and did I mention emotional? But one thing is for sure, once the heart is involved, it's hard to deny it what it wants. Have Kleenex ready because I sure did use them! ~ Kara, 4.5 stars
—Give Me Books

I love when I read a book and it grabs my heart and soul. This is a story about going through tragedy and coming out on the other side. Holding it together, when you just want to give up. Finding a reason to go on. Will is a good kid, who has made some bad mistakes that changed his life forever. His overwhelming guilt is consuming him. Can he find peace and the life he serves?? Ryanne is the type of girl who takes care of those she loves. She has a heart of gold. Her and her brother, Jax are extremely close. They haven't had an easiest life but Ryanne is the glue that keeps them together. She puts everyone before herself. When Ryanne meets Will, he takes her breath away. They have an immediate pull towards each other. Ryanne has the ability to see deep inside Will. When he is distraught, she sees him through it. A friendship that turns to a deep love. I loved the build up to their love story. Jax and Will's relationship is just as meaningful becoming best friends instantly. Sometimes in life things happen for a reason and people are meant to meet. That is the case with Ryanne, Jax and Will. This book is so devastatingly beautiful. There are many twists and turns which are very unpredictable. So heartbreaking and endearing. This book is inspirational for those who have ever felt hopeless and finding hope, when all hope is lost. Seeing the bigger picture and a light at the end of the tunnel. This book will stay with you forever. I loved everything about it.
—Dawn Nicole Costiera

4.5 ☆......I really connected to this book, on a very personal level, which made it very difficult to read. But what kept me reading were these character's and the way everything was handled by the writer. A gem of a read, for a multitude of reasons.
—вιвℓισρнιℓια {кιηgѕℓєу & ѕøяєη ƒσяєνєя}

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