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The Finkler Question (2010)

The Finkler Question (2010)

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1408808870 (ISBN13: 9781408808870)

About book The Finkler Question (2010)

Ik snap echt niet waarom dit boek de Man Booker Prize 2010 heeft gekregen. Ik ben dat gezaag over Jews en gentiles ook wel wat beu ondertussen. Als je de wereld voortdurend opdeelt in joden en niet-joden, dan kan het niet anders of je komt uit op "gezaag" en "gezeik".Neen, dit boek heeft me echt niet kunnen interesseren en ik heb me moet forceren om het uit te lezen.Misschien net daarom een uitdaging om het te lezen en "to prove me wrong". Are the world in awe of Jews – the supposed superior beings, or do we loathe them for Israel’s alleged high handedness in Gaza?The book, which won the Man Booker Prize in 2010, explores these questions about being Jewish through three widowed and lonely men – two unlikely childhood friends and their Czech teacher.Julian Treslove is in awe of Jews, so when he is assaulted by a women for seemingly looking like a Jew, he is somewhat flattered.His childhood friend, Sam Finkler, a Jew on the other hand claims to be ashamed of Jews. Yet, Finkler, a popular TV personality, wears his Jewishness on his sleeves and shrugs off with contempt when Treslove narrates the mugging incident to him.So even though their friendship has lasted for so long, it is not so much out of respect for one another. Their teacher Libor, with his fairy-tale marriage, is the bridge between the two.However, interesting as the premise of the book may be, the narration moves quite laboriously. The plot does not come together to give the wow factor. Therefore, some scandalous declarations and works of infidelity in between fall flat.Thus I could not empathize with any of the characters. Not even with Libor when he is headed for a tragic ending.No doubt, the novel is rich in literary flourishes with witty sentences sprayed here and there, but it is not enough to make it a page turner.People deeply interested in Jewish nature or Howard Jacobson’s earlier fans may find the book good. But even this, I say halfheartedly.

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guess I'm glad I read it. don't need to read it again.

The How-Did-This-Win-The-Booker-Prize? Question

Couldn't finish it, just lost interest.

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