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The Fine Art Of Truth Or Dare (2012)

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare (2012)

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About book The Fine Art Of Truth Or Dare (2012)

Somewhat predictable romance that closely follows the plotline of Pretty in Pink -- with Frankie acting as the gay version of Ducky, that is. Oh, and the main character talks to a bust version of a dead artist. That's... cool, I guess.I don't know. I liked the archival research around Willing (HELLO, I'M A LIBRARIAN), but that story felt like a totally different (gothic, slightly supernatural) book from the rest of this contemporary private school YA romance. Both parts were pretty interesting but definitely didn't mesh together. Plus, the author totally dropped the ball on the best character, Daniel. His interludes were fascinating and somewhat confusing as to purpose. I really appreciate the Philadelphia society element to this book. Thank goodness for a novel that takes place somewhere other than New York City. Good cheesesteak references. Some of the scenes were beautifully written, particularly those in the karaoke dive/Greek restaurant/shoe repair place.So... a totally average rating for a flawed, but still enjoyable book? 'The Fine Art of Truth or Dare' was a sweet and fun book about a girl called Ella. It was really interesting and cute but the only thing letting it down was all of the fake history in it about Edward Willing. A little bit is okay but I found it just too much, however some of it was quite important to the story.On the other hand, Alex was a great male character that, although did follow the stereotypical "hottest guy at school falls for unpopular girl", managed to keep it interesting. Plus he helped Ella overcome things in her life and you can tell that he is going to continue to even when the book has finished.

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Not a new YA classic, but a cute enough read when you're feeling down.

I dont know but i was kinda hoping she would end up with Daniel....

Like the writing but not the ending.

3.5Review to come

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