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The Finding (2011)

The Finding (2011)

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Nicky Charles does it again in her Lycan romance world. The intense connection with Cassie and Brian is amusing and frustrating all at the same time. Through out the chase of locating Cassie you can feel Brian changing. He knows something is different about this wolf and he is the only one who can sense it. Cassie makes a lot of trouble for herself with her strong will and her loyalty to Kellen. It's hard at times to read with out wanting to slap some sense into her, which just keeps you going. Is she finally gonna ditch Kellen and get with Brian. Great read to the end, love the intro on Sam and am excited to see what happens to Damien in the next installment "The Road to Redemption" Each book in this series seems to deal with the next wolf finding his mate. They are drawn together but something holds them back and then finally they are able to blood bond with each other. I did find myself skimming over some of the sex scenes only because after reading several of these books they are starting to repeat themselves. There are some grammatical errors in the book but nothing that takes away from the story. It's good to see some of the "loose ends" tied in this book. Overall an enjoyable read.

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Had me on the edge of ny seat, was hard to put it down.

intense book. great couples and lots of drama.

*****5 Stars*****

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