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The Fifth Witness (2011)

The Fifth Witness (2011)

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0316069353 (ISBN13: 9780316069359)
Little, Brown and Company

About book The Fifth Witness (2011)

Mickey Haller has had to move into the foreclosure business since the great recession. However, one of his foreclosure clients is accused of murder and he steps in to defend her. This is a great courtroom procedural--I loved hearing about all the strategy. The client is super annoying, in a most enjoyable way. Of course there's a good punch at the end, which I did suspect was coming. It also ends with Mickey deciding to run for DA. Will have to read the next book, Gods of Guilt, to see how that turns out! Michael Connelly has another winner with his lawyer Mickey Haller. I really like the character and the stories are always rich with twists and turns. In the Fifth Witness, its the same. And I will admit it now — I cheated and looked at the end of the book before I was halfway through the book!In this story, thanks to the economy, Haller is making ends meet defending people facing foreclosure. Then one of those he is defending, a woman whose husband has left her and she's been fired from her job as a school teacher, is suddenly charged with the murder of a banker. Haller starts planning the defense and sticks to his standard that he doesn't want to know if his client is guilty or innocent, he just has to put on the best defense possible.But the client herself, who insists on telling everyone she is innocent, is her own worst enemy. Meanwhile, Haller starts to develop a possible defense around the idea that his client was set up. His path is fraught with dangers for his case and for himself. And he's against a prosecutor he has never been able to beat. Its an incredible roller coaster of a ride and definitely hard to put down.

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Very good read I'm a new Michael Connelly fan love his work. Always a great ending to a good read!

good read with twist and turns all over the place with an ending you don't see coming.

A fast paced journey through a trial with all the ups and downs.

Mickey Haller in another well-plotted tense courtroom drama.

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