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The Engagements (2014)

The Engagements (2014)

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About book The Engagements (2014)

I started reading this when it came out but put it down after a few chapters--it seemed fluffy and way to marriage-plot driven. I was wrong about it, though--J. Courtney Sullivan weaves together stories of rings and romances (good and bad) with so much humor and poignancy. I think she's better at telling the stories of upper-crust women and men than working class characters, but I found all of the plotlines compelling. Delphine and the dog broke my heart/made me laugh out loud. I personally enjoyed this book despite the other bad reviews. It was a light and simple read. I think the various outlooks on love and marriage was very interesting with each of the couples. Some old fashioned readers may characterize a few of the outlooks to be self-centered or bitchy but I found the philosophy of these characters to be extremely interesting. It shows that love has no definition nor is it needed to be uniform for everyone. Love comes all sorts of ways and the process of the love into commitment is customizable.

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I hate not having half stars to use. Parts of this book were 5 stars, others were 2.

Enjoyable, light read. Highly recommended for those in the throes of wedding season.

This was such a 3.5 for me, it warranted my first actual review ... Need half stars!

It was an ok book. Some story lines were better than others.

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