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The Emperor's Blades (2014)

The Emperor's Blades (2014)

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0765336405 (ISBN13: 9780765336408)
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About book The Emperor's Blades (2014)

Well. It was great. Not excellent. I just don't have much to say about it! Which is rather strange for me! I would dispute it being the years stand out debut, there were so many other fantasy debut this year that actually had me brimming with words to spout about them, but I am not sure what to say for this! It was just a bit too formulaic, a bit too predictable, a bit too slow to start.. Always just not quite there, never pushing anything beyond what's been seen before. I liked it for sure, it kept me entertained and I'll read the next instalment, but I am not doing any fangirl dances for it. I think the next one will be a bit punchier, and I look forward to it. A traditional epic fantasy opener featuring a murdered king and his 3 children. The book does not do anything drastically to alter the fantasy landscape, it just tell a nice story pretty well. A nice pace with some great action and setup propels the book forward, even if things fall into place a bit conveniently. A major gripe would be the lack of chapters that the female lead gets as compared to her 2 brothers

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Excellent! On of the best books I've read recently... can't wait until the sequel comes out.

it was kind of predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.

Great book


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