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The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? (2012)

The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (2012)

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About book The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? (2012)

The Duckling Gets a Cookie is a cute book about a duck and a pigeon. The duckling gets a cookie and as a result the pigeon gets really jealous. The language of this book is very similar to that of Mo Willems other children’s books in that it truly depends on the reader in deciphering its level of difficulty. I personally loved his books growing up and to this day have fond memories of bedtime when these were read to me as a child. The illustrations are always perfect in relevance to the text and overall the book is always a hit with the young children. In the classroom I would have students share instances where they may have experience jealousy and what they could have done differently to help express their feelings in a calm manner. This book can be apart of the collection read at the beginning of the year as an introduction to the class rules. Willems, M. (2012). The duckling gets a cookie!? New York, NY: Hyperion Books for Children. "The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? by Mo Willems is a sweet, delightful and hilarous children's book with a distinctive message of how to ask for something then how to share it without any strings attached. Featuring two characters, a duckling and the main protagonist, a pigeon, it also has the feel of a mystery because the person giving the cookie to the duckling is unseen and appears out of nowhere. Illustrated by Willems also, the simple portrayals provided a wonderful accompaniment to the words and action. A delight to read alone, or aloud to someone else, this book provides a wonderful reading experience that can be shared again and again.

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Wow something as simple as this can be so funny. RESPECT to the author.

Absolutely adorable for the younger Pigeon fan.

Great for K-2, everyone loves pigeon

My son love this book

I want a cookie too!

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