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The Dry Grass Of August (2011)

The Dry Grass of August (2011)

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0758254091 (ISBN13: 9780758254092)
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I read this book and THE HELP in the same month and I kind of wish I had not. I didn't like the skipping from one time to another without some kind of notation to let you know you were going from one time to the next. It was definitely another look at the maids that were used to raise white children, while the mother's watched their programs or went to the club. It was very sad towards the end, even though you knew it was leading up to something horrible. This book was good for a first time book. I am giving it 3 out of 5 stars. This book is set in 1950's North Carolina and the story is told through the eys of 13 year old Jubie Watts. The family including the family's black maid Mary go on vacation to South Florida.On the way there Jubies see the anti-integration separate but equal is good for eveyone and segregation aint broke-don;t fix it.The story switches back and forth between past events within the family and current events during a family trip. Whilst on holiday,we see how unfairly black people were treated.Having to sit at the back of the bus and not being able to use the same toilets as whites.It is clear that Jubie and Mary care about each other and loved one another. One night there is a tragic incident which leaves Jubie bereft and confronted with the rudest awakening to just how horrible and evil the world can be. I admit to a cry at this point. Jubie then shows her love and courage for Mary in such a beautiful way which gives you hope for the future.Through Jubies memories we learn that things are not right in the Watts household. Jubie's parents' marriage is foundering, her father drinks too much and is physically abusive. It is clear his attitudes are not much different to those in the south as he does not believe in intergration.Jubie is an innocent with love in her heart trying to make sense of the world.It is unbelieavable that we were treating people so badly only in the 1950's and not treating them as human.The author states she got the idea of the book in 1957 when at age 17 working as a lifeguard on the beach and gaining a deep tan she had to get the bus home.Her parents told her if 'one of them' (person of colour) sat next to her she should move. One day a black lady sat next to her and the author stayed riveted to her seat as it would have been rude to move. Glancing down to where each of their arms rested,the author noticed her skin was a lot darker than the lady's This left a lasting impression. I recommend this as a good read.

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Along the same lines as The Kitchen Help. Great historical fiction.

Powerful and amazing. One of my very favorites this summer.

Our book club read this book and had a great discussion

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