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The Dovekeepers (2011)

The Dovekeepers (2011)

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About book The Dovekeepers (2011)

Normally, stories which switch narrators mid-stream annoy me. "The dovekeepers" was going down that road, but Alice hoffman did a very good job of connecting the characters and making each of their stories gripping. I was entertained by the novel; moreover, i truly believe myself a smarter man for having read it. I knew little about King Herod, the different Jewish divisions, or the Roman siege of the Masada.I strongly recommend it to everyone with a modicum of intelligence. This was one of the most captivating books I've ever read. I don't usually enjoy historical fiction or stories about women, but this was a total exception. First, the book is consistently beautiful in its prose - it's almost poetry. Yet it's not remotely overdone. I was transported into the exotic times and settings throughout my reading. I felt that I had become each character as it it was her turn in the story. I could see, smell, taste, feel the world around me. Second, these women were so complete in their characterizations that it's hard not to see them as real people in every way. I KNEW them in total by the time I finished the book. While the story is based on well-researched events, Hoffman brings them to life as if it was always just like the story she told. These are NOT chick-lit ladies, but women in history as fascinating as Mary Magdalene and Cleopatra and Queen Victoria. And finally, I couldn't help but to appreciate the research and knowledge that was passed to me by reading this story. There are documented historical events put forth here, though it's written with such personal connection to the characters that it's almost hard to believe. And Hoffman wrote so much about Jewish history and mysticism, and yet it was all given in such a way that I never felt confused or overwhelmed by it. Just enough, always explained without disrespect for the reader's intelligence or ignorance. It drew me into that world before I even realized it. My best way to sum up my feelings about reading this book is I EXPERIENCED it. I highly, highly recommend!

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very interesting historical point of view never read something like this and I kind of like it.

I just loved this book and hated for it to end! It's definitely on my favorite books list.

Although looong, this fact-based story of four women in Masada is compelling.

Probably the best novel I've ever read.

This was an excellent book. Read it.

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