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The Dom Who Loved Me (2011)

The Dom Who Loved Me (2011)

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About book The Dom Who Loved Me (2011)

2 stars. I did not like this book. It had a lot of potential, especially with Sean's character, but it just fell flat. Instead of any sort of d/s relationship he just bossed her around and beat her when she disagreed. This is BDSM at its worst. Yet there was very little actual BDSM. There was great sexual tension, some fairly vanilla sex, then a bunch of spy stuff (which was pretty decent). I liked Grace until she started instantly forgiving absolutely every horrible thing Sean did to her. All he had to say was "I know best" and she folded like a cheap suit! I do not recommend this book. Sean and Grace... 3.5 sexy stars!!I really liked the storyline and the BDSM scenes (warning: not suitable for sensitive readers due to explicit sex, toys and anal play)I liked Sean, just sad that he has to live in his brother's shadow. Grace's character was just ok for me, she lacked a little more fire!Vocabulary and spelling mistakes also disrupted the reading flow a bit. Would've love more intensity in the action scenes too.That being said, I still enjoyed it enough to commence with book 2!

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Quite simply one of the best erotic romances I've read in a long time.

Awesome action-packed story! I loved it!

I'm enjoying this series

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