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The Dog Stars (2012)

The Dog Stars (2012)

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0307959945 (ISBN13: 9780307959942)

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This book started out choppy and I thought his terse style would bother me:--> I've started reading. The Dog Stars. Stylistic. Right?However, it evened out after several pages, and there was a reason for the unique narrative - the main character Hig was living in a dystopian future, having survived a lot and lost some mental focus. So the book was a winner in my eyes, because it was well-told and delved into the nature of life and what makes it worth living. Kind of like a good chick-flick, but where things get blown up to appeal to the male audience, too. :-)BOOK CLUB SYNOPSIS:"The Dog Stars by Peter Heller was much praised and held in such high regard that more than one member read the book more than once within the assigned month. I can’t remember that ever happening in my history with the bookclub!Here’s why The Dog Stars got a 9. The story was straightforward, yet introspective; the prose was laconic, yet poetic. Heller let the reader slip inside Hig’s mind and share his appreciative musings on the beauty of nature – not just the allure of the wilderness but also his fascination/fondness for its animals and most especially the loving bond with his dog. Despite the ruinous remains of daily life, Hig held on to hopeful threads of humanity and an indomitable curiosity that led to chancy, unexplained blurring of dreams and desires but also – love and adventure. The two less enthusiastic reviewers each remarked that they were just getting tired of post apocalypse/dystopian storylines." Hig and his dog Jasper are a couple of survivors in the post flu pandemic United States. There are very few survivors left and the world has become a terrible place. Supplies and food are scarce as are other necessities like shelter or medical care. Hig narrates the goings on in his life with an honesty and humility that is both sobering and touching. Readers embark on this journey in the "new world" with Hig and hope that he lives to find happiness.I loved this book. Despite the despair, hopelessness, and intense loss, I enjoyed this book. It reminded me a lot of other post apocalyptic books I've read (like Cormac McCarthy's The Road), but Heller definitely has his own, unique voice. For starters the prose in the novel is written in halting starts and stops- there are missing pronouns, commas, and periods in odd places. It takes a while to get used to, but it is perfectly fitting. Hig demonstrates how language becomes less useful as he spends so much time alone, and the rules of a previous society no longer apply. Heller also uses nature in interesting ways. Fish, birds, deer, elk, wolves, etc. are a beautiful back drop to Hig's story. Readers get a glimpse into a world where these creatures are scarce. This notion is frightening. There are plenty of scary moments in The Dog Stars but the redemptive spirit of human nature pierces through the darkness like a mighty sword held by the noblest warrior.

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Hemingway's Nick Adams meets the apocalypse and a nice girl. Throw in some airplane flying.

This was a great end of the world story. It was as good as the Painter by the same author.

Thought provoking read. Reminiscent of "The Road".

Wow. So beautiful and haunting.


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