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The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, And Love (2010)

The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love (2010)

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About book The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, And Love (2010)

I want Kristin to cook for me. Her reverent descriptions of preparing meals, even dandelion greens or liver, make them sound delicious. I can just imagine her parents' reaction to see her at Thanksgiving with Mark carrying a tote bag with a newly killed chicken, neck sticking out of the bag. Mark's steadfast love for her, his passion for the land, and ability to stay true to his beliefs makes him the hero in this book. Kristin's doubts about her place in his world resurface throughout the book, but I'm thinking this is something she'll always wrestle with - one foot in her old world of publishing and city bustle, and the other in the clay soil of the farm. Beautifully written, but not romanticized. A lot to offer those new to farming. I'd mean to read a few pages before bed each night, then find it impossible to put down, and have to force myself to turn out the light. Farming is hard and romantic, brutal and unrelenting, wonderful in its infinite cycle. I could see her friends and family wondering if she'd been coerced by a zealot and worrying. I could see her fighting against the commitment. I worried and questioned too as I was reading. But I never felt I was intruding on malicious family drama or that I had to choose sides. I felt I was the best kind of friend, listening. An authentic wonderful read - I definitely recommend it.

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Entertaining and contains a lot of facts and emotions that all future farmers should consider!

Very accurate and entertaining. I even learned a few things about farming along the way.

great writerwow - what a story

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