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The Darkest Pleasure (2008)

The Darkest Pleasure (2008)

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I bought this book on Amazon in print. I am a part of the Review Team @ The Paranormal Bookshelf.Category: adult paranormal romance 18+Spoiler: NONEBook #3 in the Lords of the Underworld series I really enjoyed this part of the series. The main characters in this book are Reyes and Danika and if you have read the previous two books then you would know that Danika has made an appearance before now. I think that added to this book. I did however not like how there was a lot of repeating especially in the beginning of the book. I understand that writers have to let the readers who didn't know this was a series catch up but it went on way to long in the beginning. But after that was through the story really picked up and began to come alive. After that point I couldn't put it down. I love how the writer has been putting more of the mythology into the book. I think that has given it a nice touch. Can't wait to read more about these guys and see what happens. I gave this book 3.5 stars out of 5. The beginning is what got the deductions. Reye's story. It's been months since I've finished this book but I can still remember it like it were last week. I am always excited for the next installment, it's like catching up with old friends. Reye's is dark, and his demon enjoys pain. Danika is a human (of sorts)who becomes a prisoner. The twists and turns in this book had me reeling. Why would a prisoner fall in love with her captor (Stockholm syndrome much?)but, it worked. It felt like a real romance would and I enjoyed every word.

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LOVED IT! Fave so far. F me Reyes, he's mine!

Cant get enough of the Lords!

Loving this series


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