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The Dark Light Of Day (2013)

The Dark Light of Day (2013)

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1620151731 (ISBN13: 9781620151730)
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About book The Dark Light Of Day (2013)

Okay then. A little dark. And not dark in an erotic way let me tell you. Just simply dark, filled with massive upsets and actual painful events that torment Abby. The first part of the book was - for the lack of a better word - "typical" I alomst, (almost) got bored and gave up reading at 53% in BUT bammmm! I was thrust into even more darkness that had me turning pages instead of giving up. There was a little too much play on minute details that I felt didn't quite paint a picture or lend to the plot exactly, but more felt like fillers, but hey - I got through those parts and ended up really liking this dark tale.Some parts of the book had me like WTF? Why is she letting this little mixup in understanding events ruin her relationship!!!! It was stupid. But she later acknowledged said stupid behaviour and I forgave her. All in all.... I liked the book. Estranho e negro happy end para uma história nem sempre fofa entre duas criaturas difíceis e perturbadas... É uma históra de amor diferente, entre a filha usada, maltratada e agressiva de toxicodependentes, que não suporta qualquer toque, e um jovem assassino de barbicha... e não é que a autora consegue suscitar uma improvável empatia do leitor para com eles? Há violência dentro e em redor dos protagonistas, muito sofrimento compreensível e acontecimentos atrozes descritos sem pejo. Houve momentos, alguns terríveis, em que não consegui parar de ler. Não é de todo um livro sem falhas, aconteceu uma cedência amorosa um tanto repentina que não me agradou muito, mas enfim... Tenho que confessar que gostei.

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This was a really good story and I couldn't put it down. Finished it in one night.

The end felt a little rushed but it was almost perfect.

This was a really good read.

This book made me cry.

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