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The Cupcake Queen (2009)

The Cupcake Queen (2009)

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0525421572 (ISBN13: 9780525421573)
Dutton Juvenile

About book The Cupcake Queen (2009)

The Cupcake Queen is a lfe lesson story about a girl named Penny who is forced to move to her mother's hometown, Hog's hollow, after her mom and dad seperate. Penny finds it hard to make friends and fit in with everybody, but she meets a wimsical girl her age named Tally. Adjusting to her new life, Penny is at a croos roads with a life changing decision. If you would like to read a suspense building and inspiring story, this is the book for you! This book reads like a shallow adaptation of the 2004 movie, Mean Girls. It is littered with poor writing and editing, upon Blake's introduction his name is in the speaking tag long before he is introduced to Penny - despite it being from her point of view. The generalization of the entire cast is mind-numbingly generic and the entire vibe of the book is made-for-movie live-action Disney-esque. Grossly cliché with no depth, no matter how much it tried. The ending was rushed and wrapped up too abruptly, as if it were hastily thrown together for the easiest "happily ever after" ever. It feels insulting to take it "as it is", a pre-teen/teen-aimed book, when there are so many better books targeting this audience.There is also a very ignorant point of view on body image tucked into the narrative of this book - from the caricature portrayal of Charity's father during her birthday party (being the "fat" one to greedily eat cupcakes and thus cause the entire catastrophy) to quips like "reverse anorexia", makes me fearful for the pre-teens/teens already affected by poor body image support in today's society - which this book is clearly targeted for.The only redeeming quality is the divorce subplot, and Penny's reaction to it. Her reaction is very typical and relatable for many children her age going through their parents' divorce.

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I really liked this book! Just as good as its cover!!

This book was okay, but didn't have much of a plot.

Cute read, but a little too YA for my tastes.


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