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The Complaints (2009)

The Complaints (2009)

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0752889516 (ISBN13: 9780752889511)
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About book The Complaints (2009)

Totally different from his prior series with Det. John Rebus who skated close to the edge with his mystery cases, in this book we see it from the other side, those police whose job it is to find the sins of bad cops and charge them for it. At least at first. Malcolm Fox is good at his job and thinks nothing when he is given a new assignment of a police office believed to be a pedophile. Only the guy is likable and shows no signs of a person with something to hide, especially this particular crime. At the same time, the abusive boyfriend of Fox's sister is slain. And one of the lead investigator investigating the case has a big grudge against Fox for bringing down one of his own -- and the suspected cop. Fox should stay away from the investigation but he can't seem to; it feels as if they are taking things out on his sister that they can't do to him. More and more he is stepping across the line, doing rings that he knows he shouldn't do but can't seem to stop. Soon he knows there is something more here than meets the eye.This is a riveting, taut, edge of your seat story and another wonderful mystery from Ian Rankin. There's only one thing to say: he is a master when it comes to a mystery you can't, don't want to put down. You may not always like the characters but you always want to be there with them as they solve the mystery. Not Inspector Rebus but apparently the start of a new detective, Malcolm Fox. Not new, I'm not up to date with Rankin's books. I bit slow starting, but an excellent book. I love all the info about Edinburgh. At the end it lists the two main characters' favorite book, films, restaurants. Very true to their different characters, made it even more interesting. Recommended for all Rankin fans, and anyone interested in a good detective story set in a great location.

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Maybe I'm being a bit harsh ... a good procedural, but Fox is no Rebus.

3 stars for the story, 5 for a sexy voiced narrator ;-)

Good alternative to Rebus! Cracking story.

Loved the new character, Malcolm Fox.

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