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The Case For God (2009)

The Case for God (2009)

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0307269183 (ISBN13: 9780307269188)

About book The Case For God (2009)

In two parts really - the first, by far the biggest, bit is an interesting history of the (Western) idea of god. I love Karen Armstrong on this kind of stuff and, as usual, she exploded a load of things I thought I knew, especially about Christian Fundamentalism. The second, much smaller bit, is her reply to Dawkins, Harris and Hitchins and the 'new atheism'. I liked this too, it made me defend them a little in my head but also helped me see some of the weaknesses in their approach to the problem of religion, though she skirts around the existence question with a rather neat logical twist that basically comes down to 'ah, but what do you mean by 'exists'?' كتاب عميق جدا يصعب تلخيصه..كتاب رااااائع ويستحق القراءة مرات ومرات...يتناول الكتاب هذا البحث الدائم عن الإله...لماذا !!ولكن يتميز بتناول موضوعي للديانات المختلفة بدون استخفاف بفكرة الإله أو التقليل من قيمة أتباع الديانات المختلفة على الرغم من العنوان المستفز للكتاب

Do You like book The Case For God (2009)?

Lots of great things to think about but too dense to read straight through. A bit overwhelming.

Great addition to her work "The History of God." Scholastic yet approachable.

This strikes a refreshing chord of moderation in a world of polarized texts.


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