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The Candymakers (2010)

The Candymakers (2010)

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0316002585 (ISBN13: 9780316002585)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About book The Candymakers (2010)

The annual candy competition is coming up, and to Phillip, Daisy, Logan, and Miles, this will be the start of an epic adventure.Logan Sweet is the son of the candy maker. The four kids will be making their candies at his factories. They all seem innocent... right?Meet Phillip(the snobby rich kid), Daisy (the seemingly normal girl), and Miles- the boy who speaks backwards and talks about the afterlife. They all need to make a delicious candy worth winning the contest. When Logan finds the truth about one of the contestants, it is up to him to let the right person win, and not lose his entire factory. The Candymakers by Wendy Mass is about four children and their adventures in preparation for a candy contest. The story reveals that one should always be willing to make new friends. Life is more than just business. What I most loved about this book is the rising action leading up to the climax. The story takes you through many twists and turns and draws your full attention to what is going on. Along the way, the author seamlessly includes many important themes such as teamwork and companionship. A strength of this book is that all of the characters have hidden personalities and throughout the story you learn more about each of them. All of the bits of information are like puzzle pieces and in the end, they fall in place to form the final product: a lovely and magnificent novel. I would give this book a five out of five star rating because it encaptures the reader in a remarkable story. I recommend this book to middleschoolers who are looking forward to a sweet and sensational read!

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awesome love it

The candy names sound so delicious! Oozing Crunchorama, Bubbletastic Chocorocket, yum!

Kiddo is reading this on her own and is loving it. She gives it 5 stars so far.

Read it a million times! So good!

This book is awesome, four

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