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The Candy Makers (2011)

The Candy Makers (2011)

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About book The Candy Makers (2011)

First of all I loved this book because of all the suspense that was built up until the end. At the same time that sort of bothered me because it was told from four different perspectives, and they all start from the beginning and you have to wait until the end. In this book their are four competiters, and they have to try and make the winning candy to have their candy featured at the factory and work there later in life. Another thing I liked is that the author, Wendy Mass, gave enough clues that you knew what was going on but there was just something you couldn't put together until the end. In some parts of the story I thought she dragged a little, but all in all it turned out really neat and surprising, to see all different types of people turn out to be great friends. In this story, I liked the way the author worded the story because you could just see it right there when you read it. This book personally changed how I now view some things because people have done some things all their life,and If you disrespect their feelings toward something, they don't like that. I would recommend this book to boys and girls, mainly people who read a higher level because it is a tiny bit challenging in some sentences to comprehend, especially for people who don't have much to do because it is a rather long book. My friend had read this book in fifth grade and she had reccommended it to me, but every time I went to the library it was always checked out. Finally this year I got it before it was taken, and once I started reading it, I couldn't pull it away from my face. So much more than I thought it was going to be...& a lot of fun. Lots of twists, red herrings, great characters, and a candy factory...of course it's a fun read. The plot and details are fantastic (in the sense that they are scarcely believable), but the fun makes up for it. Points too for the structure: each character telling their experience of the story allows for layers that are fun to peel back as you read it over again. Fun, fun, fun. Sweet. & Fun.

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Awesome book!!! Can't wait to finish it. Only a hundred pages into it.

it was funny and i felt like i was in a candy factory so it was fun


The ending almost brought me to tears! Loved it!!

it was awesome

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