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The Broken God (1998)

The Broken God (1998)

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0586211896 (ISBN13: 9780586211892)

About book The Broken God (1998)

This is an odd fish.I really liked it. Big space opera and metaphysics of the soul all mashed up together around a chewey centre of some interesting characters and some intriguing concepts. At the core of this novel are questions like "What does it mean to be alive?" "What is conciousness?" and "When is it ok to kill?" but, to my mind, they're wrapped up enough in the story that you don't feel preached at. And Zindell's mystic style suits his somewhat mythical material. I'd definitely read it again.That said, I might have trouble recommending it to anyone else. Some people will agree with me and like it, of course, but some people are going to be jumping up and down shouting "shutupshutupshutup and make something HAPPEN!" by about halfway through one of the main character Danlos mystic journeys of discovery. I would say "stately" but I can also see how for some the pace would be merely "slow." Strangely - because I often winge about the bloating of the modern SF novel - I didn't feel these 3 800 page books were too much for the story, but I'm not sure I can explain why. It just felt about right. I _would_ recommend reading Zindell's standalone novel Neverness first; if you like it, come read these; if not, save yourself some pain.Also interesting to have a book about space travel written by a mathematician. He doesn't go into the maths, but he makes them seem real. That he makes the hero-pilots that everyone looks up to in his world The Order of Mystic Mathematicians seems less like putting himself on a pedestal and more like poking fun at mystics and mathematicians alike...

Marto's Boolean ReviewИнтересен Свят: ДаЖив Свят: Да Интересни Герои: ДаРазвиващи се Герои: ДаСиви Герои: ДаАдекватен Финал: ДаИнтересен Език: ДаЛесно Четивна: НеИнтересни Идеи: ДаСпазване на Вътрешната Логика: ДаОценка от ревюто: 9/10Моя Оценка: 10/10Свободни размисли: Тази книга просто няма право да е толкова въздействаща. Първото прочитане ме смаза почти физически, въпреки че на пръв поглед сюжета (бегло наподобяващ историята на Тарзан) звучи изтъркано. Жалко е, че в България най-вероятно никога няма да видим останалите 2 от трилогията.Препоръчвам на: Всеки, желаещ да се сдобие с буца в гърлото, докато научава полезни неща за живота на дивите племена и метафизиката на Аз-а.Любим Цитат: Before, you are wise; after, you are wise. In between you are otherwise.

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It took me like forever to finish this book...and I liked it and I struggled to like it when I didn't like it because I knew there was something more to it. This book is definitely philosophical, not the usual sci-fi that one may be used to. After Neverness, this one seems kind of...broken. It is a great piece of writing that keeps up with the traditional science fiction and philosophical space opera. If you read this for the adventure, you will abandon it shortly because the pace it is extremely slow and in truth not much action happens, plus it focuses on random things and has extremely long descriptions. If you read this for the philosophical questions, then go on - it is a fine read. I gave it fewer stars because of the slowness, because from a literary point of view it lacked strengths, but I would give it easily five stars for the philosophical debate. Would I recommend it? Only for someone that wants to burn him/herself with existential and social questions. Because at moments that’s what I felt that Danlo’s story is just a personification of an alien brought to our current world to judge it. How religions are born, how masses are corrupted, how humans fall and raise with the social changes, how the environment affects a human, why do we live, why do we believe, why do we struggle and why do we fall or succeed...

Yes, it certainly keeps up with the traditional of philsophical science fiction of a space opera. Book that follows the brilliant Neverness. I am a sucker for the higher themes . When a book addresses the big questions, it has my attention. My imagination ran wild with the cybernetic alam -al-mitral. It reminds of what is happening currently with the cyber world being more a realm we continue to exist in. You realise with these books that our loving consiousness connects to form a living entity.. called the universe and the secret is .. More life... And for the keepers of the ineffable flame, "how far do you fall, pilot ?"

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