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The Boyfriend Thief (2014)

The Boyfriend Thief (2014)

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The Studio, a Paper Lantern Lit imprint

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Took me a while to finish it because the story bored me. I saw Avery as such a stuck up control freak who only cared about herself and being "perfect" while Zac is the complete opposite, not really focusing on things that "should" matter and just went with the flow. Of course Avery would fall in love with him because he showed her that it's good not to take things seriously all the time. There were some nice parts to it but all in all, I don't think it's something that I would read again. I read the overview waaaay before I started reading the book and though there were parts which weren't interesting, I like how this book went. I love how Avery has always tried to be the mother in her family and I understood why she felt like she had to control everything. Especially at the end. I understood why she was the way she is. There are times when I thought she really was thinking too much, but then I understand her perfectly. I was annoyed at Trisha, too, and I was annoyed that her dad and Ian are so into Trisha and I am annoyed hahaI didn't fall in love with Zac as much as Avery did, but I do love him and he's so good for her and she's so good for him.Hannah, though, I guess you really can't make amends with everyone. I do not like this girl not one bit. But I do like Elliott. I sort of think maybe Elliott and Hannah could still work out together if they patched things up. It wouldn't be easy but if Elliott and Hannah gave it a chance maybe. But Molly is nice too. I actually thought Elliott would have a thing with Avery. But I love Zac for Avery.I love Ian. I love Ian and Avery and their dad. I loved how those two comforted Avery when everything fell apart. I actually love what Ian did for his sister. The Mothers Day thing. I was not expecting that, but Avery deserved that very much.

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Real cute!!! Quick read, light and funny. A perfect summer read. :)

3.5 starsthe .5 for you Zac, for being awesome ;)

Loved the book, the ending was a winner!

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