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The Bone Bed (2012)

The Bone Bed (2012)

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0399157565 (ISBN13: 9780399157561)
G.P. Putnam's Sons

About book The Bone Bed (2012)

Mmm a strange one. These characters were so annoying I wanted to slap them. I felt I was back in high school when everyone was being insulted by everyone else or thought they were! What grown adult acts like such a child looking for insults in every personal transaction? Grow up you people!! The whole thing was just plain silly- annoying characters, ridiculous plot. Boring! Oh and what was all that nonsense about the cat? 2 cats in fact. And her niece is such an unbelievable character. Well I could keep going but it is all too boring. I give this book props for having a good plot but OMG, how does Scarpetta exist with herconstant sense that everyone around her is deceiving and/or betraying her? Doesn't it get tiring? And since when does every single person in one's life have to share every single thing they know or have going on in their lives? Why would they want to and why would you want them to? And why does Coenwell want Scarpetta, an otherwise smart and capableprofessional, to be so fucking insecure and needy? And if Cornwell is willing to insult her readers by assuming that they will accept that a woman so much the former would put up with the constant betrayals by everyone she knows, why does she always think her readers will also believe that all of those supporting characters would continue to tolerate her constantly doubting them?

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Why do I keep reading this author. Used to be one of my favorites. Same old, same ole and boring.

What an end!!!! Hotdamn......had me flipping the pages, like did not put it down once I started

I find her boones provided so much detail that one will lose the flow of the plote.

Couldn't get thru this mess of a book. Not like the old Cornwell books.

Not as good as her earlier stuff

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