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The Birth Of The United States, 1763 1816 (1975)

The Birth Of The United States, 1763 1816 (1975)

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I rarely learn very many new facts from Asimov's non-fiction books. They tend to cover basic areas of study with which I'm passingly familiar, and so it's mostly recovering old material for me. The thing is that Asimov's writing is so brilliantly clear and he puts all of these facts an incidents together so well that I gain a much better understanding of them in relation to one another.I knew that Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day in order to surprise a hung-over war camp, but I had always thought it was part of the culmination of the Revolutionary War; but it really happened at the beginning. I knew that Benedict Arnold was a traitor (who doesn't?), but I never knew what he did that was traitorous or who he was before he became a traitor (I also learned that there are two war memorials to Benedict Arnold, but neither mentions his name.)Basically what I am saying is that it's a very good book.

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