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The Barefoot Contessa: Back To Basics (2009)

The Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics (2009)

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0593064003 (ISBN13: 9780593064009)
Bantam Press

About book The Barefoot Contessa: Back To Basics (2009)

This book is worth having in your cookbook library for the soups desserts and breakfast chapters. The tomato soup is heaven and the oatmeal raisin cookies are perfection. Some of the recipes are so basic they leave a bit to be desired (such as the burger recipe) and others call for ingredients that you would only access in the hamptons for example, (beef from a particular ranch) but outside of that this book is tried and true again and again. Love this book. Go, Ina! This one seriously came through for me today, as it was my turn to host for bookclub. Everything I made, with the exception of one appetizer, came from this book. I have yet to try one of her breakfast dishes - they look wonderful - but I have tried the "juice of a few flowers" cocktail, the roasted shrimp cocktail, the bruschetta with peppers & gorgonzola, the chocolate-dipped strawberries and the company pot roast. All turned out fabulous and were not terribly difficult to make. And, the book itself is beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite cookbooks!

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love her, and her ideas about the way cooking and entertaining should be

Good recipes; not many that are new to me. Nice photos.

You gotta love Ina, despite my perpetual envy!!!


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