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The Art Of War For Writers (2000)

The Art of War for Writers (2000)

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About book The Art Of War For Writers (2000)

I had heard others mention THE ART OF WAR FOR WRITERS: FICTION WRITING STRATEGIE, TACTICS, AND EXERCISES by JAMES SCOTT BELL, and to be honest, I resisted purchasing it. I don’t always believe all the hype. That is until I spotted this tiny book at a writing conference a few years back. I finally relented and made the decision to purchase it. Still, it sat on my shelf of books to be read. Now, years later, I finally read it. Wow! I do believe that God gives you what you need, just when you need it. If ever the saying “Tiny, but mighty” was true, it would be in reference to this book. I just LOVED the extremely short chapters. They are quick, precise, yet packed with core information. All the basics you need to write a great book, without all the fancy words and sentences to jumble your brain, threatening to lose the point. There was not one single chapter - of 77 - that I did not gain knowledge from. THE ART OF WAR FOR WRITERS will be a book forever near as I continue my writing journey. Even if you have been writing for some time, it’s a quick reminder of the dos and don’t that you are sure to find helpful. I'm discovering that I just kind of love everything James Scott Bell has to say about writing. His advice is always to the point and eminently practical, and he gives great examples to boot. This is an easy, fast read but it's filled with great nuggets of wisdom. The last section is more focused on writers who are still aspiring to publication. But I found the first two parts, especially the section focused on craft to be chock full of tips I wanted to write on index cards and pin up around my office. A great addition to any writer's craft library.

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Love the short and sweet snippets of advice and how they tie in to The Art of War.

Advice for writing, short and to the point.

This was a motivational quick read.

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