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The Art Of Hearing Heartbeats (2002)

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats (2002)

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1590514637 (ISBN13: 9781590514634)
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Il piccolo principe birmanoUna giovane newyorchese parte per la Birmania sulla tracce del padre, sparito quatto anni prima... Non �� male la storia (di amore e disabilit��) ma la scrittura... io l'ho trovata piatta e a tratti stucchevole, infarcita di "belle frasi" rubate ai baci perugina e al Piccolo Principe. "L'essenziale �� invisibile agli occhi" si ripete pi�� volte, e senza nemmeno citare Saint-Exupery!! From start to finish, this put me in a meditative trance. It's set in Burma, a country with a meditative and mystical way, and the main characters share a love that is so pure, it will entrance you. There are reflections on love, unconventional attraction and deep devotion. There are reflections on loss. There are reflections on motivations and limitations and how our paths are as much a matter of choice as they are a reaction to circumstance. This was a quick read. I believe I have spent more time contemplating it after than I did actually being into reading it. It sparked my mind into thinking about a different way of living and loving, and it tugged on just enough heart-strings to make it a book I'd read twice.

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