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Thankless In Death (2013)

Thankless in Death (2013)

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0399164421 (ISBN13: 9780399164422)
Putnam Adult

About book Thankless In Death (2013)

Eve Dallas and her partner Peabody are on the trail of a guy who murdered his parents because they were nagging him and then begins to systematically eliminate others who he thinks have wronged him during his life.Dallas and Peabody use every trick in their book (including Dallas's other half Roarke to find the guy when he suddenly drops off the grid. All of this in the backdrop of Dallas and Roarke receiving awards for bravery and meritorious service ( Dallas's a police award, Roarke's a civilian award) and the shadow of the Thanksgiving holiday looming.I do agree that the book was rather grizzly in parts when the murderer had his way with his victims, but Dallas, Peabody, and his own way Roarke used their skills to eventually solve the case. Definitely, for me, a good read. Though I love Eve and Roarke, I was slightly disappointed in this book. The stories are becoming a bit predictable and in this case, based on the previous stories, Eve would have absolutely covered the 2nd victim and caught the perp in the first quarter of the book.I was pleased in the ending. Had Eve been a part of a major altercation, I would have been very disappointed. The story is about a sicko, Jerry Reinholdt, who is a spoiled adult, brat who kills his parents. He blames the world for his laziness and seeks revenge on anyone he deemed wronged him. He strikes lucky quite a bit, but the good guys win in the end!

Do You like book Thankless In Death (2013)?

Read it in two sittings, enjoyable and relaxing light weight read with engaging characters.

Always, always, ALWAYS love to read about Eve and Roarke !!!!

A lot of Eve and Roarke "feel good" in this one.

As always excellent. Love rourke and eve.

Really enjoying Nora as JD Robb.

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