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Ten Thousand Saints (2011)

Ten Thousand Saints (2011)

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0062021028 (ISBN13: 9780062021021)

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Wow, what an amazing journey this novel takes you on. The settings are rendered so precisely, evoking all the senses, that I think I would recognize these places if I saw them. But it's the characters and their relationships that really matter, and these are explored in deeply human and surprising ways. The writing is clear and crisp, and the questions the novel raises--what does it mean to be a parent, a friend, a family; how to be true to yourself; how to forgive our mistakes--make Ten Thousands Saints a deeply satisfying read. I can't say that I enjoyed this book as much as I pushed myself to finish. Coming of age stories based in New York tend to be my favorite but this left so much to be desired. There was no connection to the characters. Insufferable...every single one of them.I've been reading/listening to many discussions on character likability lately. Not that the characters are 'nice' or 'good' necessarily, but that readers develop an emotional attachment to characters or they see familiar qualities in themselves. That being said...not with this book.

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Ten thousand saints is an amazing coming of age story based in the 1980's can't wait for the Film!!

I enjoyed the read, but felt like the end was abrupt and somewhat confusing for me.

Can't wait to see how he book is adapted into the new movie.

Awesome book! LOVED this!

couldn't finish

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