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Ten Things I Love About You (2010)

Ten Things I Love About You (2010)

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About book Ten Things I Love About You (2010)

There were some really frustrating parts. I liked Sebastian (I usually like characters of his type -- the life-of-the-party types that aren't all overbearing and alpha-male-y), thought Annabel was okay but I felt that a few of the plot threads were dropped or forgotten about and it just did the uncle not get what was coming to him in the end? I was waiting for Sebastian to find out about the assault from the beginning of the book but he never does (that we know of). He basically just got away with sexually assaulting/nearly raping her more than once and all we hear about him in the end (four years later) is that he's slimming down? The scenes involving her multiple assaults at the hands of the uncle seemed to be more description-heavy than the love scenes with Sebastian. Let's not forget the multiple times the uncle ogled the heroine and made disgusting remarks towards her.I also wish that Harry and Olivia would've found out about Sebastian being an author. He seemed to be really getting frustrated by the remarks Olivia made towards him but that nothing came of it? No eventual understanding from Olivia that Sebastian isn't really a good-for-nothing? Nothing. His PTSD, as well...there are references but nothing is really made of it or resolved in regards to it. It's just...sort of swept under the rug. I liked this book. I liked Sebastian Grey. I liked Annabel's straightforward ways. Although she wiffle-waffled on the subject of sacrificing herself for her family, I'm glad she didn't drag it out overly much. Annabel and Sebastian had chemistry and it was shown on the writing. I could have done better with less of rapey earl of Newbury. It was disturbing how people did not see it as reprehensible. I think her grandmother's reaction to it was mild. It was disturbing how her grandparents were complicit in her engagement to the old earl. He was just really skeevey. The story revolves around Annabel and Sebastian. Annabel is the eldest of nine children. Her family is reaching poverty after her father died. Her possible engagement with the earl was an effort to provide for her family. Sebastian was the nephew of the earl of Newbury. He is also a novelist under the alias of Sara Gormley. This was really adorable. The two hit it off after accidentally meeting on the heath. She discovered his identity first, after which, she ran off. He discovered hers later, and avoided her. It was only with Olivia's prodding that he met her again to save her from social ruin. This interest spurred the earl to renew his efforts. She avoided him even knowing that she must do her duty. When it came down to it, she chose not to. Humiliated, the earl tried to force himself on her. He passed out, giving the impression that he was dead. He wasn't but believing that he was, Sebastian, her grandmother, and her strove to move him. He woke, which was a comic relief at this point. Sebastian and Annabel married. They had four children and counting. Sebastian's novels were even more successful thus providing money to Annabel's family. This book was alright.

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Aaaay Sebastian Grey! *----* me encantó que la historia fuera sobre él...pero y Winston?

Wonderful, not quite as good as the Bridgerton series but still an enjoyable romp.

My favorite of this particular series. Annabel and Sebastian are delightful.

Delightful end to a fun series. Excellent witty banter. Highly recommended.

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