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Telegraph Avenue (2012)

Telegraph Avenue (2012)

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Chabon is really smart and can really turn a phrase, but that was my problem with this book. It just seemed as if he were showing off to the reader how smart he is. Look at me, I'm the next James Joyce! The subject matter wasn't of much interest to me, either: trading cards and old records and birthing babies. Having said all that, it was impressive and a great slice of everyday life. I look forward to hearing him when he speaks in Portland next spring. I listened to this novel while commuting back and forth to work. I lived and worked in the area Chabon describes in the book, and found myself chuckling over the stereotypical Berkeleyite of the era. Some of the episodes in the book had me laughing out loud. Unfortunately, not enough. I agree with many of the other reviews that complain about how the author goes on and on. After a while, I found there weren't enough truths or humorous stories in the novel to make me really care about the characters. A 15 CD book? It would have been better at half that much. BTW, the actor who read the book, Clarke Peters, did an excellent job capturing the voice of the characters. He kept me from returning the book half-read more than the author did.

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Liked it. Not an easy read. Contains sentences that go on for a page or more.

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