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Tangled Beauty (2013)

Tangled Beauty (2013)

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*Review contains spoilers* This book was an interesting read, and it kept my interest throughout the whole thing. The writing was generally very good. I just couldn't rate it higher because certain parts of the plot felt like they worked better than others. The kidnapping plot seemed great but I think it was underplayed. Especially the emotional consequence of it. Sin went straight back to normal life with no apparent lingering nightmares or anything to indicate that she'd suffered through one hell of a terrifying experience, it was treated almost more like a bad date that was easily pushed into the past. Then the conclusion felt a little too rushed. Reed shows up unannounced to sweep her off her feet, okay that's fine I love that sort of ending. Then Sin *doesn't* hash out any of her issues with him before they fall into bed. The fact that she tells him explicitly to stop and he continues anyway because, well I'm assuming because "he knows she really wants it" is tantamount to rape, which coming just *months* after her kidnapping and attempted rape would probably trigger some sort of PTSD. It almost feels like it's saying it's okay for a man to ignore you providing he's really, really cute and makes you excited. I would have preferred for them to have stopped when she said stop, hashed out some of the issues (including her confronting Reed and him revealing that it wasn't him with Sila that night) and then have her give proper, full consent. I feel like that something as simple as that could have made the ending a little more satisfying and probably pushed this up to a 4 star read for me. To start at the beginning this book was good and the need to know how it ended kept me reading till the end. That said though I believe the description of this book on should be edited and should include more information about the involving nature of this book as I know if I had have known what it included I would NOT have downloaded it.. free or not!I do believe however if the psycho stalker (who randomly came out of nowhere) bit hadn't of been in it the story itself would have been enjoyable... even though it is a bit of a mind fuck to be honest! If you're like me in any sence and don't like books that don't have a final set ending then this book isn't for you. The author is good though no doubt about it because the physcho stalker is still on the loose and didn't die to Sinclair and Reed aren't safe! So the authors has definitely made me want to continue reading to see what will happen and hope they all end up happy but... I don't think it's in my heart to continue and I think it honestly would mess with my head to much and scare me.. :-/

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Free Kindle read. Scooby-Doo villain, but other than that, it was a quick, light read.

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This story just didn't make any sense...

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