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Take Your Pleasure (2010)

Take Your Pleasure (2010)

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About book Take Your Pleasure (2010)

I must say, this was the hottest book I have read in a while. It's only about a 100 pages and is currently free on Amazon.Natalie has been dating Van for two years when she catches him in the act with a beautiful Dominatrix. She feels broken and betrayed and begins to feel as though she wasn't woman enough to please him.Lincoln Masters has been in lust with his personal assistant Natalie for over a year, but he knows better than to mix business with pleasure. However, when she makes several mistakes at work and it becomes obvious she's upset about something, Lincoln sees his chance. He calls Natalie into his office and tells her to either tell him what is bothering her, or bend over his desk for a spanking. She picks the spanking. Lincoln's knows once will not be enough.When Lincoln finally learns what's wrong, he decides to help Natalie regain her confidence and show her how desirable she is. But will Lincoln be able to watch her leave knowing she's end up with someone else? Will Natalie be able to walk away from the man she's come to trust and want like no other?Lincoln is an extremely sexy man and you can't help but pull for he and Natalie to end up together. Van isn't really a bad character, just not who Natalie needs. Overall, good book and you'll love the memo at the end. Oh my.... this 92 page story was incredibly hot. I was almost drooling at the thought of a real life Mr. Masters. Something about a shirtless, experienced Dom with a muscled chest giving instructions as to pleasuring/disciplining another man to a woman he desired intensely for himself was amazingly erotic for me. Especially so as he wasn't on the sidelines doing this, but standing directly behind her --oh my! Did I say that again? Great, steamy story and highly recommended for a VERY pleasurable and arousing read.

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Not as good as the other one, didn't like the MM action in this one, but I normally don't anyways.

Hot to the 4th degree. Fun exciting reading with a hot fairy tale ending.

Yes....Mr Masters......yes please!!

I love Mr. Masters!

A short & hot read!

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