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Tailor-Made Bride, A (2010)

Tailor-Made Bride, A (2010)

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Bethany House Publishers

About book Tailor-Made Bride, A (2010)

Such an entertaining story! This was such a fun book that addressed some big topics in a lighthearted way.I think my favorite part about it was how specific things from the Bible were often mentioned and sometimes even analyzed a bit. God was very apparently a big part of these people's lives and I loved that.All the characters are so loving, helpful, courteous. I really liked Cordelia, JT's younger sister. :) The theme of the book is really great too. God created all things good, it's not the things themselves that make us go down the wrong path. This was talked about a lot and I agree with what was said! Like it is said in these two verses, 1st Timothy 4:4 and Colossians 1:16I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs a fun read. The audio version was quite nice, the narrator acted out the story instead of just reading it and that's always a plus! :) If you are searching for a light hearted book, sure to make you smile, then look no further. This book has a delightful characters and a sweet, romantic plot. Perfect for a lazy afternoon or beach day!However, I will say this book does have a few slow parts...I will admit to some skim reading. Though it wasn't totally enthralling, it wasn't boring either. I have loved several of Witemeyer's other books but just found this one to not be quite on the same level as those. But still it is a perfect light hearted read when you need one. 3 1/2 Stars

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Great book! I have enjoyed books by this author and hope she continues to write more in the future.

2.5 stars. Entertaining enough to finish, but really dumb and shallow.

This book was so good I read it in three nights.

Read in less than 24 hours! Great characters!

Fun read!

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