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Sweet Tooth, Vol. 2: In Captivity (2010)

Sweet Tooth, Vol. 2: In Captivity (2010)

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1401228542 (ISBN13: 9781401228545)

About book Sweet Tooth, Vol. 2: In Captivity (2010)

In the second volume of this series, we learn about Jeppard's past, giving us much-needed back-story to the events in volume one. Gus ("Sweet Tooth") remains imprisoned and studied, forced to revisit memories of his religious-zealot father through hypnosis, in the doctor's hopes of gaining knowledge about the cause of the plague that wiped out much of humanity. Will he escape? Will Jeppard save him? The suspense! Like most reviewers I found this volume to be stronger than the first, even if it did recycle much of the first half from the first volume, it had a much stronger sense of urgency and time the first time it was 'played out,'A few more clues about the plague, Gus and Jeppard's history, enough to get me to read the next volume, and the return of some characters which I was hoping for was a nice touch, so yeah, I'll read the next one.

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loved the third book today. It's say the least

Obsessed with this series right now. I am loving these books!

This series could make an amazing film or tv show.

This was great!

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