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Sweet Tooth - Depois Do Apocalipse, Vol. 2 Cativeiro (2013)

Sweet Tooth - Depois do Apocalipse, Vol. 2 Cativeiro (2013)

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About book Sweet Tooth - Depois Do Apocalipse, Vol. 2 Cativeiro (2013)

While the central mystery slowly begins to unravel, it’s a bit too slow to remain compelling. The first volume was the bait, tempting you with the interesting premise, while this volume is more of the hook, expanding the world-building so that you’ll stay interested. So far, I’m nibbling the worm but the barb hasn’t sunk in. Maybe volume three will be the yank it needs to drive the hook in. While the first "Sweet Tooth" was fascinating, eerie and ugly, it was never really personal or urgent. The beautiful (yes) Part 2 improves on the first story with insightful flashbacks and a barrage of tense plot twists. But perhaps its greatest asset is the inclusion of a beating heart: part 2 is deeply, deeply tragic and even - get this - romantic. I'm beginning to think Jepperd is one of my favourite fictional characters ever. Get ready to cry, because this is love and death, apocalypse style.

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So much better than the first one, really happy I stuck with it!

I really wanted to like this but it was so RAW I just couldn't.

Depressing... but SO GOOD.

Dark sweet.


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