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Sweet Peril (2013)

Sweet Peril (2013)

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It's more of a 3.5 stars. I think Sweet Evil has more events in it as compared to Sweet Peril. Some things are still predictable and there aren't exactly any cliff hangers here. Kaiden is still a douchebag. Though I forgive him a little for the airport thing. Yeah I know he has his reasons but it doesn't make the things he did and say seem better.Anna changed person? Not much. Major crush on Kaiden and wow 2 whole years (I think) She still makes stupid decisions. As stubborn as always, but most of the time her stubborness is for a good cause.We know a little more of Kope here. The kind and queit guy, straight forward and nice. He has a good kind of mysterious personality like you can't really predict him. (aka that inner 'demon')The plotline didn't have much development or excitement. It's just about finding alliance and gettting to know the characters better. Relarionships between all of them improved a bunch and that's probably the best part.But oh wells, it's not bad so far. Time to get on to Sweet Reckoning :p The beginning of this book was painful. My heart was just getting crushed chapter after chapter. Thankfully Wendy knows how to write dynamic characters who go through quite the change and you end up wanting to hold them close to your heart and never let them go. This book had a lot of action, humor, heart wrenching moments. I still love how pure Anna's heart is, and I love how she has really shaped the other characters in this book. I have enjoyed reading a book with a strong pure hearted brave female character. Kope, Kai, Blake, The Twins, and Anna are going to kick major butt (hopefully) in book three. :) I can feel it.

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wow wow wow anna is to much in this book and i love her!! good good good

oh my Sweet sexy Nephs....


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