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Sunshine Hunter (2012)

Sunshine Hunter (2012)

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Maddie Cochere

About book Sunshine Hunter (2012)

From Amazon: Susan has an extremely handsome new boyfriend, Mick, two great jobs that she loves, and things are looking quite good, until she answers the phone and the woman on the phone wants to speak to her husband, Mick. Susan is crestfallen. When a good friend and next door neighbor asks if she would like to join him on a trip to Florida, she says yes to get away from thinking about Mick. Strange things start happening when they get to Florida, and it looks as if their lives might be in danger. The plot thickens and things start happening fast. Enjoy this fantastic book though you may lose some sleep as you keep reading to find the answers.My feelings - it was ok. I finished it, but not in a hurry to read the next in the series... I’ve been following Maddie’s blog for a couple of years which is why I’ve been avoiding reading her books. By that, I mean, what if I didn’t like them? I finally decided to take the risk and read Maddie’s first book,’ Sunshine Hunter’. If I didn’t care for it, I thought, I would keep my opinions to myself. Problem solved.While the rest of us groan about being blocked, Maddie Cochere pushed out of her comfort zone and put together her first novel in response to the Nanowrimo challenge. She completed a novel in a handful of weeks. It’s easy to imply that if only you didn’t have writer’s block you’d have a fantastic novel. That’s the road to no pain and nothing gained that many of us take. Having written several novels set in the Susan Hunter universe, Maddie has moved on to a new series. I find that and her, amazing.I read the first half of Sunshine Hunter in one sitting and that’s saying something for me. I may have done that sort of thing in my younger years when I had the time and no responsibilities. But it was readable, a nice bit of fluff to curl up with on the banana lounge, sipping a Black Russian. I think that Sunshine Hunter is a good first novel. There’s no denying that it has flaws but nothing insurmountable. She already has the characters and the universe, lucky girl. Given a revisit and a revamp I think that Susan Hunter might someday give Stephanie Plumb a run for her money. But first (sorry Susan) she’s going to have to dump the married man.

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Cute quick. And has a murder too. Perfect spring break read!

A fun little mystery and an easy read.

It killed time, and was free.

pretty short and average

Not my cup of tea...

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