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Summer House (2009)

Summer House (2009)

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0345498208 (ISBN13: 9780345498205)
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About book Summer House (2009)

Another Nantucket summer by Nancy Thayer, although this one spans about 65 years with the flashbacks as told by Charlottes grandmother. I enjoyed this very much once I got into the first few chapters..wasnt sure how I would like reading the history flashbacks of her granny. But it really gave a in depth background on her twisted family! And the flashbacks were much needed! All together great writing by Nancy Thayer! I enjoyed this book very much...was a recommendation on Goodreads that lead me to it. I too had a Grandmother like Nonna...spunky and full of life. She was one of the hardest working women I ever knew and she spoke her mind. I loved the little twists in this book and every time one came about, it was unexpected...kuddos to the author for that as most books tend to be more predictable. Also loved the character of Charlotte and how she used the Garden as her was her place of contentment, quiet reflection and it made me want to get my hands in the dirt! Something that is VERY unlike me. Her satisfaction with a job well done though and the way she expressed it, felt it deep inside, is something we can all relate to...a great and quick read. You won't be disappointed!

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Not bad! A nice change from some of the more serious stuff I've read lately.

Really enjoyed this book. A quick read that I could hardly put down.

A Nantucket story about a large family. Goes back and forth in time

Did not like the ending.

Very Good.

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