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Suicide Notes (2008)

Suicide Notes (2008)

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About book Suicide Notes (2008)

Sweet Jesus Christ on a biscuit , i love this book , it's my favourite by far , i didn't want it to end it's too short for god's sake , i think the character i liked the most is Sadie , even though her story's a mystery that was not revealed ( think about making a book about her ) .i LOVE the way it's written ,you feel like it was effortless because the writer uses simple words to express , unlike some of the authors who try to show their muscles in vocabulary . I'm definetly reading more of your books man ! btw i almost cried on the poem part , it was funny in a sad way , but i have to say i hesitated a little at first about some of the action that was going on , i was like " am i sure i want to read that?" but it didn't last long :thankgod: definitely 5 stars :) I gave this book five stars because it was amazingly funny, but depressingly sad. I read this in like a day and a half because it was that good. So basically its about this boy named Jeff and he tries to commit suicide on news years and then he goes to a psychiatric ward. Throughout the book the counselor is trying to figure out why he might have done this and all their "sessions" are really good conversations, so I would definitely recommend reading this.

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An eloquent, humorous, witty novel that impeccably narrates Jeff's life in the psych ward.

this book was so amazing. the twist at the end was not expected whatsoever.

Great read and I love the plot twists in the book.



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