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Such A Rush (2012)

Such a Rush (2012)

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About book Such A Rush (2012)

I was a little skeptical of this book at first because of the mixed reviews but decided to read it since it has an interesting premise. It did not disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I love Leah! Even though her life is not the most ideal, in fact, it's pretty rock bottom, she protects herself and doesn't let anyone get to her. She knows what she wants (Grayson and becoming a real pilot), she's ambitious and I admire her tenacity. When she shared her story and feelings with Molly, Alec and Grayson at the restaurant, I was surprised. Leah is a character that has depth and I began to respect her the more I got to know her.Grayson is definitely dreamy but also a huge a**hole. I couldn't believe that after he and Leah kissed, confessed their feelings for each other and even slept together, he wanted her to keep seducing Alec. Three separate times!! I did feel bad for him for having to live with the regrets that he didn't treasure his time with his father and Jake more. I felt even sadder for him when his fear of losing Alec to the military led him to blackmail Leah into dating Alec, when he's liked her since he first saw her.Thankfully this story did not evolve into a love triangle. Despite Grayson's blackmail, Leah had no doubt whatsoever that she liked Grayson, not Alec. I had a feeling that Molly knew the boy(s) and liked one of them but seeing as there was no greater commotion when the two sides met, I let my suspicions go. Well-played, Molly. However, throughout the book, I did suspect that Alec already knew about the seduction and was just playing along. This line of thoughts definitely peaked my curiosity to see how it will all go down in the end!I was baffled at the way Leah's mom left. I mean, I get that she wasn't a big part of the book and it's only realistic that things like that happen but seriously wow. Compared to her, Mr. Hall's cheating past seems so tame.The one problem I had with this book was that ending. After the truth blew up in all their faces, everything just magically became fine again when Leah successfully landed the busted crop duster (saving herself and Mark). She survived so Molly trusts her again, Alec forgave her and Grayson didn't want her to leave anymore. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a HEA but that ending just seemed way too convenient.Overall this was an enjoyable read with the right amount of mystery and (sexual) tension to keep your butt on the edge of your seat and your heart pumping. I loved this book so much as soon as I was finished I missed the characters. I really loved the development of the story and the excitement of it all!Leah was such a pleasure to read because shes strong and independant to almost a fault and watching her open up was amazing. I loved her relationships in the book (including her crappy one with her mother which is weird but i liked that she stuck to her guns) and I loved the plot! I will read this again and again I'm sure!

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A solid read. Felt rushed at the end and the big plot point wasn't that big of a deal.

one word. AMAZING!. enough said.

Really loved this one!

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