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Strange Brew (2009)

Strange Brew (2009)

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0312383363 (ISBN13: 9780312383367)
St. Martin's Griffin

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Seeing Eye by Patricia Briggs - 4/5 - I liked this book but I think this should have been 0.7 instead of 1.5 because I think they mentioned Tom and Moira in book one, because I doubt they had 2 different couples where the female was blind and could see through the male. I am just saying. Off to read the next book. Last Call by Jim Butcher - /5 - Death Warmed Over by Rachel Caine - /5 - Vegas Odds by Karen Chance - /5 - Hecate's Golden Eye by P.N. Elrod - /5 -Bacon by Charlaine Harris - /5 - Signatures of the Dead by Faith Hunter - /5 - Ginger: A Nocturne City Story by Caitlin Kittredge - /5 - Dark Sins by Jenna MaClaine - /5 - Totally love the short-stories by Briggs, Bitcher, Caine and Chance. The others are not bad but not great either.Seeing Eye by Patricia BriggsFor those familiar with the books of Brigg, we have in this short-story the meeting between Moira and Tom, a blind witch and a werewolf from the pack of Seattle that we also see in the Alpha and Omega series.I love Moira, she is blind, small and far from being physically impressive but she is strong, she has humor and well worth seeing.As a huge fan of Briggs, I'm not totally unbiased but this story is a must readLast Call by Jim ButcherI know this author mainly by reputation and I've never really read one of his books but I love the style and the humor of Dresden. His investigations are always interesting to read and this is no exception.Death Warmed Over by Rachel CaineSuch as for Butcher, I know this author only by name but I liked the story of impossible love between a zombie Andy and Holly a resurrectionist witch who brought him back from the dead to help her solve a case.Vegas Odds by Karen ChanceMy favorite story (with the one by Briggs)Lia is a war mage and is expected to train the recruits at the War Mage Corps. But when her students are trying to kill her, she knows she must find the person responsible before her class was totally decimated.Like I say before, I don't like Cyrus who is too sweet for my own taste but I totally love Lia who always find a way to cram into big troubles. A badass heroine like I love with humor and an investigation with unexpected twists.A Must Read !!Hecate's Golden Eye by P. N. ElrodCharles Escott and the undead Jack Fleming are hired to get a kind of cursed jewel.The style was slow, characters not particularly endearing and even if the story could have been interesting, I didn't get too hung.Bacon by Charlaine HarrisI've never been a big fan of the books by Harris, especially regarding her characters, so it wasn't a big surprise that I don't like much the story of Dahlia, a vampire widow who seeks for revenge.Signatures of the Dead by Faith HunterI knew this author onyl by name but the story was fun to read, an investigation a little awful to find some rogue vampires.Ginger by Caitlin KittredgeThis story about Sunny Swann, a shy witch who is targeted by some mysterious kidnapper, was nice to read and I quite liked the characters who were original and fun to discover. Dark Sins by Jenna MaclaineA story a little too stereotyped for my taste with a story about executioners vampires kidnapped by a wizard and forced to choose between love and "end of the world" and characters not really endearing.So the five stars are only for the short stories by Briggs, Bitcher, Caine and Chance but it totally worth it !!

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Patricia Briggs - Alpha and Omega series #1.5 - Seeing Eye - read

I enjoyed reading other characters from other of my fav series.

I only wished it had longer stories.

Only read the Dresden portion.

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