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Story's End (2013)

Story's End (2013)

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0062020544 (ISBN13: 9780062020543)
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I was actually really sad that this was the ending of the series. The first book was sort of silly for me but I enjoyed it, the idea of being written into a story really intrigued me. I also really liked Una and Peter, mostly I loved Sam. I read the first one and thought it was cute and didn't think much else really. I bought the second book merely because I felt I had to finish what I started and I am really glad that I did! I got caught up in the war between characters and the relationship between Snow and her mother and I couldn't read quickly enough. I love that the characters got their happy endings and I really felt like the story had a significant close, like I said I was sad to be done but grateful I decided to finish the series. (Note: I read the Advanced Reader's Copy) This is a wonderful continuation of Storybound, Marissa Burt's lovely and charming 1st novel. The characters are interesting, engaging and I have to admit I was delighted not to wait for the final edition to arrive in stores. There's danger and treachery afoot, but who are the true villains and how do our young protagonists stop the destruction of their world? Well, you'll have to read it and see.

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This book is awesome. I wish I could go to that world!!!!!

awesome book

3.5 stars.

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