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Storm Prey (2000)

Storm Prey (2000)

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1847376177 (ISBN13: 9781847376176)

About book Storm Prey (2000)

The Lucas Davenport series is pretty good. I've skipped around in it, and had no problem regarding background. The Minneapolis/St. Paul setting holds up nicely, except for one spot where Davenport was heading east toward St. Paul, and the next paragraph says he was still heading west. I would also say that when there are 14" of fresh snow on the ground, I've never known the night to be as dark as the narrative suggests. The action gets pretty bloody, but no more than on half of the TV shows we see in prime time. Sandford doesn't leave you wondering who did the crimes. The only mystery is how Davenport will figure it out. Although I've read the early Prey series books, I haven't read one in nearly ten years, and I have really missed them! Lucas Davenport, a police detective and the protagonist in the Prey series books, is married to Weather Karkinnen, a surgeon. A robbery takes place in the pharmacy of the hospital where Weather works and a pharmacist dies from injuries incurred during the robbery. And off we go, along with Lucas to try to identify and catch the bad guys. The story moves quickly and the author, John Sandford, developed plenty of quirky characters to make it interesting. Storm Prey is a great crime thriller worth a read.

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Love this series and this one is perhaps not as strong a storyline but still a damn good read.

Well the crooks get stupider and stupider and Lucas & Virgil get smarter as usual.

Always love a good John Sandford book and this was another good read.

I like all of John Sanfords books- will continue reading series

Another great thriller

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