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Storia Catastrofica Di Te E Di Me (2012)

Storia catastrofica di te e di me (2012)

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About book Storia Catastrofica Di Te E Di Me (2012)

I picked this book up at a thrift shop and thought this book was worth the price I paid for it. It was cute and enjoyable, but I can't say it's life changing. Brie is a nice character but got on my nerves countless times and normally she did not act her age. Patrick was okay as well but I don't think I would ever enjoy being around him for more than an hour. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this book, however it could use a lot of work in my eye's. The only thing that I was very impressed with was the plot twists at the end. I never saw those coming! At first I was just scanning this book, checking the first few pages since I was really curious for quite some time now…..then I got halfway reading it. told myself that it’s the last page and off to my undivided book but I can’t put it down and…………. I finished it this evening.I thought that this was a sad (tearjerker kind of) book…given the title. But, I .WAS.WRONG.So never judge a book by it’s cover you say hmmmm. Yup! LOLit’s a different take on the dead still lingering and how Patrick have been her “guide”. When I encountered revenge, I even thought …ooops, is it like burn for burn of j-han? Good thing no. there’s THAT twist on Jacob's and some aspects about family and cheats etc.the funny thing though, if you have experienced being brokenhearted, you will definitely go though THE LIST of emotions/feelings that Patrick noted. EVERY ONE OF THEM.What I can’t really feel though was the connection of Patrick and brie….SPOILER HERE ---------I mean, yes, lily is brie (in the past life) but the part showing that or making that connection or making that point really didn’t make me feel it. it’s like rushed for me. Or I was hoping too much on the Jacob part or I was hoping that at the beginning of them (patrick & brie) being together acting as her guide, there should have been a lot of instances (more than what’s given) for brie to be “Sort of” attached or attraced to him?? i don't know...... But that’s just me.Over-all, I still like it. HOWEVER, I am just not sure I can have this read by my daughter although the story is quite nice. I just don’t like the fact that they need to state at age 15 she did it already and it’s a big deal that they need to do it. It totally would be okay if it was a bit vague on that part and not to be discussed as if it’s something to brag about. I know in their culture it’s like a common thing (I guess) but for me, it’s still not right at that particular age.Nevertheless, I will recommend it to young adult (18 and above) and those mature enough (hahaha – sorry, the conservative mom in me) for this book.i Looove the cover (that's what got me to buy it – imagining the spine lined up on my shelves) and a lot of booklovers liked this book so there…I’m happy i have this at, if you haven't read this....grab a copy or get an ebook and....Have fun reading!

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Funny, charming and heart breaking. Get your kleenex and chocolate waiting.

I just finished reading the book and I love it

4.5 :))

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